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Obtaining high quality audio with proficient engineers and quality equipment is one of the things we do best. Recording is by far our most popular service. For almost a decade, Music Lounge Studios has professionally recorded the music of singers, R&B and hip hop artists, voiceover clients, and so much more.


Beyond the fundamentals of production, producers are almost always musicians themselves. Our producers, in particular, are well-rounded in the realms of songwriting, composing, and programming. Our producers work closely with every artist to help them take their musical vision and actualize into a high quality, final product.


We Mix and Master
Mixing is the technique of blending all of the individual tracks in a recording to create a version of the song that sounds as good as possible. This is called "the mix”.

The process can be comprised of:

  • Balancing the levels of the tracks that have been recorded
  • Fine-tuning the sound of each instrument or voice using equalization (EQ)
  • Adding reverb, compression, and other effects to enhance the original recording
  • “Panning” the tracks between speakers to create a stereo image
Mixing sometimes includes a bit of editing – choosing the best bits of every take of a song, and sometimes even building musical elements from scratch. Sometimes there is so much editing involved it forms a separate stage in between tracking and mixing.

Mastering is the process of turning a song or collection of songs into a final master for manufacturing so that it translates well across systems: CD player, radio, computer, car stereo, phone, etc.

The process involves:

  • Balancing the level and tonal balance (EQ) of songs
  • Controlling the dynamic range - how loud and quiet each section is, for the right musical balance of variety and power
  • Compressing, EQing, M/S Processing and Limiting so the song is polished
  • Creating a secure, reliable manufacturing master, including PQ information, UPC/EAN codes, ISRCs, CD-Text
This can vary from being a very subtle process, involving minor tweaks to polish the existing mixes, to occasionally being a complete rescue mission for problem songs, or where detailed restoration is needed.